All About U.S. Proxies

U.S. proxy servers are gaining momentum. This is not surprising as their usage provides many benefits described in this article.

The matter is that using American IPs enables you to:

  • visit entertaining portals and commercial resources accessible by Americans only, and use them as you like;
  • conduct marketing campaigns on the U.S. territory if you have an e-business and would like to raise some money on local American markets;
  • communicate with native speakers of American English to master your language skills;
  • get access to most American gaming servers;
  • visit American websites while located in Russia or other country, not in the United States.

It is impossible to perform the specified actions without using an American IP address.

And those are five convincing reasons for using American proxies. By the way, it is not correct to believe that buying of a foreign IP address is needed only for hacking attacks and breaking into computer networks. Sure, such cases occur. But a foreign IP address is often a beneficial tool for peaceful purposes. The Global Web still erects informational defencive walls that need to be correctly bypassed.

Except for paid American proxies, there is a huge amount of free U.S. proxy servers. Still, we recommend you to spare no expense trying to pick free American proxies. Why so?

A free tool can hardly be a robust and efficient channel, and can hardly reach a proper performance that you need. Foreign websites and portals are not developed and designed by IT lamers. And if they block access for visitors from specific countries, they definitely restrict a long list of free (public) proxies that can be applied by non-natives.

So, if you want to circumvent filters in foreign websites, think of buying a paid high-speed SSL-compatible proxy that has a stable connection and high reliability. A quality proxy server enables you to easily pass all stages of registration on U.S. and European resources, to use American stock exchanges and trading sites.

Let’s take music lovers as an example. They can’t do without a fabulous music resource Amazon. But Russian users are restricted from access, and mp3 albums can be downloaded by U.S. citizens only. Would you like to download cool music as well? So use a paid American proxy that can assist in bypassing blocks.

Besides, many erotic websites and 18+ resources restrict web access to videos for many countries and continents. In this case, paid proxies are an ultimate solution.

In conclusion, we can underline that you have a chance of bypassing nearly all blocks and restrictions if you subscribe to a paid American proxy server.