How to Check Your IP-Address When You Use VPN or Socks5 Proxy ( - Online IP Checker)

Safe access to web resources is an urgent task for users who want to protect themselves from intruders and prevent leaking of confidential information. One of the most common and effective way to solve this task is using special tools to hide your real IP-address,

You can solve this problem in the following way:

  • you can use socks5 proxy server for spoofing your real IP-address;

  • you can additionally use VPN (virtual private network) and RDP (remote desktop protocol) to increase anonymity and prevent unintentional disclosure of your real IP-address by applications and browsers with direct connection to the internet.

In most cases, it’s enough to use only socks proxy (you can get access to socks proxy at and there is no need to waste your time for RDP and VPN configuration. However, in this case, you need to assure that your browsers are correctly configured for socks proxy and they will not disclose your real IP-address in any way.

You can use web service to check your IP-address after its spoofing. Just open your browser and go to

You’ll see the detailed information about your IP-address, your location and other useful data. If your real IP-address and location is different from those you see at, you are protected and can safely use the browser for anonymous access to web resources.