How to configure proxy on iPhone/iPad (iOS) | iPhone and iPad (iOS) proxy tutorial


Eventually Internet service providers (ISP) block some websites and dont care about the privacy for their users. Generally ISP blocks an access for some range of IP-addresses, so if your device (PC, tablet, smartphone) gets an IP-address from this range, you cant visit some websites or use some services as torrent or ftp. The most simple and effective way to bypass this restrictions is to use our proxy service.

Devices with iOS (iPhone/iPad) can get access to proxy via Wi-Fi.

How to get a Socks proxy list

First, you have to get an access to SOCKS proxy at Follow this simple steps.

1.      Open and enter your login and password to get an access to Administration Panel

2.      After logging in youll see the SOCKS management page where you can find proxy by different parameters (Proxy Search), choose any available proxy from list (List Proxies) or manage your account details (Account Settings).

3.      Click Proxy Search and then click on the country where the proxy servers you want to use are located. Click Go to continue.

4.      The results will be displayed in a separate window and include information about each proxy server: country, state, city, network, running time, and speed.

5.      Click on the host name and youll be displayed a pop-up window with details about the particular proxy server. To view the proxy server's IP address and port, press click here to view

6.      Wait a few seconds while the software queries the proxy server, then youll be displayed a pop-up window with the results (see below). Copy or write down the IP address and port. In this example, the IP-address is, port:58933.

How to configure iPhone/iPad

Devices with iOS (iPhone/iPad) can get access to proxy via Wi-Fi.


Configure your iPhone/iPad as follows:


1.      Open Settings and tap on the Wi-Fi settings category.

set up proxy server iOS

2.      Tap on the settings icon for the network you use to access the specific settings of the wireless connection. You must be connected to this network.

set up proxy server iOS

3.      You will be at the Wi-Fi settings window with the information about your connection. Tap on the Manual button.

set up proxy server iOS

4.      Fill in the fields Server, Port and Authentication as follows:

         Server. Type the IP-address of the SOCKS server from (in this example

         Port. Type the number of the SOCKS port from (in this example 58933)

         Authentication. OFF

set up proxy server iOS

5.      Done.

Testing proxy on iPhone/iPad

Check your IP-address at

As we see, the IP-address of your computer is (Netherlands).