How to Work With Proxy on Android | Android Proxy Tutorial

Using standard tools of Android system it is rather difficult to apply the proxy. Therefore you need to have a phone with rooting. Having rooting you are being an administrator are able to control the traffic of any program and to guide it through the proxy selected if necessary. The simplex app for proxy setting up on the phone with rooting is ProxyDroid app.

Should you have no required rooting on your phone you can use Network Preferences Add-On plug-in in Firefox mobile browser.

Our article is going to analyze both methods to proxify the traffic.

About ProxyDroid

There are the following characteristics of this application:

  1. HTTP / HTTPS / SOCKS4 / SOCKS5 handling
  2. Handling with major NTLM-methods of NTLMv2 determination
  3. Personal proxy for the only one or several program group
  4. Profiles handling
  5. Bind configuration to WIFI’s SSID / Mobile Network (2G / 3G)
  6. Widgets for quickly switching on/off proxy
  7. Low battery and minimal memory consumption
  8. Bypass custom IP address
  9. DNS proxy for those how have the firewall
  10. PAC file support

All these advantages will be open for you if your phone has been rooted already. Otherwise your possibilities for using the proxy will be a bit limited.

Downloading the proxy from SOCKS Admin control panel

You can use SOCKS proxy to set up Firefox with Network Preferences Add-On plug-in or to work with ProxyDroi. You can get it from here:

  1. Open, enter data for login and appear on the admin panel. After that you will see the following:

  1. Click on List Proxys and check the list of the proxies available. Choose the needed one:

For instance, this one:

  1. Click on IP:Port and get the proxy.

Now, we have 5 socks proxy that can be used for our anonymity.

Proxy setting up for Firefox mobile browser using Network Preferences Add-On

  1. Download and install mobile Firefox for smartphones

  2. Tap tools > Add-ons > and tap Browse all Firefox Add-ons

  1. Now you are in the internal Firefox repository, where we type “Proxy” in the text box. Then you find Network Preferences Add-On. After installation of this add-on Firefox keeps settings of the proxy-server.

After installation the add-on settings window looks like that:

Mozilla firefox mobile proxy settings on Adnroid phone

Now you can enter the port and IP server numbers.

  1. Open Mozilla Firefox on your phone and enter “about:config” in the address bar. Firefox opens Configuration page and the search form.

  2. Enter “network.proxy” in the search box and on the screen you will see all the parameters related to proxy setting.

Настройка прокси-сервера на мобильную версию Mozilla

  1. Tap > to change



Network.Proxy.socks – choose SOCKS5


Конфигурация прокси

  1. Enter your data in IP-address line of the proxy server (in our case it is IP-address:, just like it is shown on the scree-shot.

  2. Then find and change “Network.proxy.type " from 0 to any you consider appropriate

(Note: Network.proxy.type> No Proxy values: 0, proxy-server automatic setting for this net - 4, proxy system settings - 5, proxy manual setting- 1)

настройки прокси

Network Preferences Add-On setting is now finished and you can start use it.

However, you should remember that in such a way you will not proxify all the programs, games and apps but you will be allowed only to surf anonymously via FireFox. That is why to have a workable protection we recommend you to get rooting and to install ProxyDroid.

Proxy setting for Android using ProxyDroid (root is required)

We remind you that the app works correctly only on the rooted device.

So, if you have root and proxy ( which you got from the site, you will need to take the following steps:

  1. Download ProxyDroid from Google Play app.

  1. Activate Host tab in the app and enter the data obtained from the site.

  1. Then activate the tab Port and enter the port number obtained from the site:

  1. Tick off the tab Auto Connect

  1. Next switch to Bound Network menu and mark the nets where you want to use anonymous connection and click OK

  1. Now all the traffic will go through the socks 5 proxy. Check this on the web-site