Proxy Switcher - Manual ( Tutorial )

About Proxy Switcher

Proxy Switcher is a premium application for Windows that will allow you to hide your real IP, and start browsing anonymously without a sweat. It can also enable you to access blocked sites such as social networking sites and streaming sites on the fly.

With this anonymous browsing technique, you can get rid of certain limitations from different sites and services. This may include the number of downloads or views on a certain proxy, or even a country restricted viewing of certain contents or videos. Webmasters also uses this to check country-based search engine results.

Proxy Switcher gives you a very easy to use proxifying solution through its user-friendly GUI. Its compatibility to almost all browsers marks it to the top choice of anonymous browsing fanatics. The application also supports the usage of password-encrypted proxies and as well as Elite or SOCKS v5 proxies. The best part of it is, it does all the proxifying stuffs automatically!

Proxy Switcher is a fast and easy solution to any anonymous browsing needs, you can get it at

Getting SOCKS v5 Proxies

Before you can be able to use Proxy Switcher fully and effectively, you need to have proxies. And the best proxy choice is no other than getting SOCKS v5 proxies. You can get them at

  1. Login to

  1. After logging in, you will now be on the Socks Admin page in which you can have the full access and control of you 5socks account.

  1. On the Socks Admin, you can choose whether make a manual Proxy search or just List Proxys to get the currently available proxies in a list automatically. On the Account Settings, you can manage your 5socks account there, such as changing your password, etc.

  2. Clicking on List Proxys is the easier way to harvest proxies. Upon clicking it, you can get the currently available and working SOCKS proxies.

  1. Select one from the lists by clicking its hostname. Then a pop-up window will appear. This contains the basic info regarding the proxy.

  1. You have to click on the “click here to view” link to get the proxy server address and the port of that proxy. Wait after checking and then you will get your proxy info needed.

Sometimes, you can get a failed result; just try again on the succeeding proxies from the list.

  1. Then take note of the Proxy server address and the port of the proxy. You are now ready to use it in Proxy Switcher app.

Setting a Proxy on Proxy Switcher

  1. Run Proxy Switcher application. Usually, it will just automatically minimize on your system tray, just click on “Show Manager” from there to launch the full window of the app. This is the main window of Proxy Switcher:

  1. Normally, Proxy Switcher was set to find proxies automatically. But if we already have our own proxy, we do not need to do that. To manually input a proxy settings, just click on the red button with a “plus” icon, and then a proxy input menu will open.

  1. From there, you can now input the proxy information you got from 5socks. Type in the proxy server address and the port to its respective fields. Be sure to also fill in the username and password fields.

Also, you can collapse the advance settings by clicking on the Advance» button. This will let you set proxies for different protocols such as HTTP (default), Secure, FTP, Gopher and Socks. Input the same proxy on SOCKS as per we are using a SOCKS v5 proxy. Then click on the “OK” button.

  1. The proxy will be tested if it is usable. To make the testing just click on the green button and then wait.

Sometimes, you can get an error that the proxy is unusable. So with that, you can easily know if that proxy will work. Then you can always get another proxy from 5socks.

  1. Proxy Switcher app is great; it places the dead proxy on a separate bracket so it does makes things more organized. You can see this if you found an alive proxy:

  1. You can now use that proxy. Right click on it and then select “Switch to this Server” to start tunneling your connection on that specific proxy. Testing it out, you can check your IP address at using any browsers as per it will automatically tunnel all connections to apps that will use internet.

Using a free version of Proxy Switcher limits your ability to maximize the usage of this great application, hence it is suggested that you should get a PRO version to unlock all of its tools and menu.