SocksCap - Manual ( Tutorial )

About SocksCap

SocksCap is a freeware, windows applications program that enables you to use SOCKS proxies on applications that don’t support it naturally. It uses tunneling systems to route the connection of any program within a specified SOCKS proxy. This is very useful if you want to add anonymity to your browsing, for you to be safe and hidden.

This is a software from Permeo that will allows you to use SOCKS v4 or v5 proxies on almost anything you  do that requires an internet connection, in which you just can’t do it normally. That’s why you need to use SocksCap in order to use these higher level proxies.

After installation, you will be prompted if you wanted to change the SocksCap settings, but right now, you need to have a SOCKS proxy, you can get it at


Getting Proxies

1.       Go to and sign-in to your account.

2.       Then you will now have access to the proxies via two ways: Searching and Listing proxys. Listing proxies is obviously the easiest way, however if you are into finding much more specific proxy depending on your need, you can use the Search feature.

3.       Listing proxys will show you the list of available proxies, sorted by its hostname.

4.       Click on the host name to open a pop-up window that will display further information regarding that proxy.

5.       Click the “click here to view” link to show the exact proxy server address and as well as the port of that certain proxy. Sometimes, you might be getting an error of information fetching failure if a proxy was down or too slow. But you can always try for the succeeding proxy entries.

Then you now have a SOCKS proxy available for usage with SocksCap.


Using Sockscap

This is SocksCap settings window. It will appear at your first launch of the application. From here, you can input the required information regarding the SOCKS proxy that you will use.

On the SOCKS server field, input the SOCKS proxy server address you had obtained from as well as its port on their respective fields. Select SOCKS version 5.

Then hit on the Apply button to save the settings, and then click on the Okay button.

The SocksCap application will now run. Here is how it looks like:

Clicking on the New button will open you a window where in it will allow you to browse for a specific app in which you want to use SOCKS proxy via SocksCap.

Click n OK button and then the application will be added to SocksCap window.

From the Sockscap window, right-click on the added application’s icon and select the Run Socksified! option to run the program under SocksCap proxy settings. Alternatively, you can just click on the icon and then click the Run button.

The program will launch and then you do not need to change any settings on it, just browse and you are good to go. To check if the Socksification works, go to to check your proxy.


You can always change the proxy settings from the File > Settings menu.

Enjoy being Socksified!