Why Do We Need Regularly Updated Free Proxy Lists?

Sometimes new Internet users wonder: “Why do we need regular updates of free proxy lists?” Let’s consider it in more detail. Lists of free proxies are created almost every day, but most of them are materials stolen from other resources. In addition, free proxies never guarantee stability and reliability of work, i.e. a server which was online yesterday is “dead” today.

It means that we recommend you updating free proxy servers on the daily basis at least (certainly, more often updates are better) because it is quite possible that within a day the server will fail, and the only remaining thing will be a “dead” link to this proxy. At the same time, when taking a free list for checking, make sure it’s not the latest one, but formed not earlier than 3-4 days ago (preferably), then you have all chances to see at least 50-70% servers “alive”, and there is a possibility that at least 10-20% servers will be “long-livers”.

In this case, we would recommend you using a paid proxy service (such as 5socks.net) which will help you get an access to quickly updated stable proxies for a reasonable fee (the service list availability is 97% and higher).