Where Can You Take and How Can You Check Free Proxy Lists?

The questions “Where can I find free proxy lists?” and “How can I check the free proxy list?” are often asked by the Internet users. First, let’s answer the first question. The easiest way is finding listings through search engines. After the phrase “free proxy list” processing, you will get dozens of result pages where you can actually download these lists from.

To get better results, we recommend you to type the proxy IP address in a search line, then you will get pages with other proxy servers as well. Keep in mind that all types of proxies use specific ports (by default), thus, after looking at the open port in the proxy list, you may already know what type of a proxy server you are dealing with. For example, the SOCKS server commonly uses 1080, and the HTTP proxy uses 8080, etc. After finishing your download, you should check the list with a proxy checker since it is possible that you have downloaded an outdated list (in most cases), and now you need to get rid of links to non-working and slow servers.

After a check, all working proxies will remain on the list (you will be lucky if more than a half of the previous amount will remain). If the result does not suit you, there is only one way: start working with some service provider giving you access to proxy servers, i.e. solve your problems with proxy lists for a fee.

You are buying an access, and never again you need to search or check proxy server lists since within several seconds updated and checked proxies will be available to you, just like it happens with 5socks.net proxy service, where due to frequent updates and checks the access index for provided proxy servers is not lower than 97% (as a rule, this index varies between 99% … 100%).