Buying a Proxy Server

Sooner or later every proxy user faces a dilemma: whether he should continue using a free proxy or buy a proxy access for a fee. It’s up to you to search for free lists, check them for work capacity, then remove non-working proxies from proxy list, and do it every time you need a proxy access, or you’d better buy the proxy access service.

There is only one correct answer: it is worth spending the money on buying a proxy. Just pay and you get a high-quality service saving your time you would spend on searching for new lists, checking them for “dead” servers, etc. That’s why people use proxy service which has not failed for several years. In addition, this proxy service protects you from blacklisted proxies, i.e. services used for hacking, distribution of malware, or spamming. Please remember that in case of any troubles with a proxy or failures, you can address this issue to provider’s staff. In fact, payment implies a guaranteed delivery of proper quality service.

In case of any failure to understand some technical details of work with a proxy, you may always contact the customer support service which is necessarily kept by every provider. is not an exception: on the web-site you can find the contact form to keep in touch with round-the-clock customer support people. It’s your decision to buy proxies and forget all these troubles with free proxy list searches, or continue wasting your time on use of hardly reliable and slow proxy servers once again.