Where Can You Get Stable Proxies?

To begin with, let’s consider what a stable proxy server means. First, this is a server which is always online (except for technical maintenance periods), second, this server should have performance characteristics unchangeable within a wide range (connection speed, incoming request response time, etc.) and, finally, this server should be protected from any failures (sometimes it happens when a proxy is online but is impossible to connect to). Therefore, it requires competent technical implementation of a proxy server and broadband channels connected. There are two options of getting access to stable proxies.

In the first case, when you are lucky to find a stable proxy on the free list, you’ve got to keep in mind that nobody guarantees its parameters won’t change tomorrow. It means a proxy server stable today will die tomorrow, and you won’t be able to do anything except for looking for the next one. In the second case, you can find a paid proxy service portal, open an account, pay money, and use the provided access (we recommend you to use 5socks.net proxy service).

As for me, the second option is better since you don’t have to worry about the proxy’s functionality and its high performance tomorrow.
There is always one answer: proxy stability is ensured when you pay money, and in case of any troubles, you can require proper quality services. In addition, if dissatisfied with 5socks.net proxy service, you can always have your money back in full. Therefore, when paying for proxies, you don’t need to ask ever and again: “Where can I get stable proxies?”