Why Do Free Proxies “Die”? Can They “Revive”?

Certainly, many proxy users would like to know: “Why do free proxies die?”. In addition, they ask: “Can a proxy server revive after death?”. Let’s see where free proxies actually come from: - first, proxies are created for promotion; - second, proxy servers are created for users of some Internet providers (if you are among the mentioned users, you can use these proxies); -testing to find some hidden shortcomings (it means that some proxy service provider opens a free access to a new server, and when all possible shortcomings are eliminated, this service becomes paid); - upon the local network setting error, if the local proxy was created and the external access was closed, you can use a free proxy; - if a proxy was created to infect user computers by malware.

And when do free proxies “die”? The answer so simple: after a promotion action is over, the proxy access is closed, or after the testing phase is over, the testing account access is denied. When the LAN access is closed, a local proxy becomes unavailable as well. Can free proxies revive? They hardly can, except for a situation with the LAN, when a local proxy is open for data download from the web, but it won’t last for a long time.