CGI Proxy

CGI proxy is a type of proxies that can be easily used through a browser. All you need is to just open a webpage. This webpage most often has a search field where you can enter an URL of the required website. Then, enjoy surfing the Internet anonymously, without changing any browser settings and configurations.

The strength of СGI proxy is that it enables a user to work with HTTP and FTP protocols and can join several proxy servers in a chain. The chain can include not only CGI, but also HTTP and SOCKS servers (HTTP or SOCKS proxies should be the last link in the chain). A key difference of CGI proxy from other types of proxy servers is the absence of an open port when the application is operating. This is due to the fact that a CGI proxy is in fact a web application that is loaded in the browser from a remote server. That’s why all CGI proxies are also called anonymizers.