Proxy Chain

Proxy chaining is used for improving your anonymity on the Internet. In fact, the IP proxy chain looks like proxy servers connected into a single chain, with IP address substitution on each proxy server. Therefore, it’s very difficult to disclose the real IP, no matter how hard you try.

IP proxy chain attracts our attention by use of a “virtual proxy”, a software building a chain and assigning it one IP address. After the address was assigned, you work with the chain as a typical proxy. The chain may combine different proxy types, but don’t forget of some limitations. For example, when making a chain of CGI proxies and HTTP/SOCKS, the last one should be at the chain end. Also, keep in mind that the chain of free proxies will result in the decreased Internet speed and unstable net access.
That’s why to this effect, we recommend you using paid services, such as, to benefit from the guaranteed speed and stability of proxy servers under a permanent control.