Proxy Helper Software

Proxy Helper is a special software ensuring maximum usability and comfort for your work with proxies (download here). Proxy Helper is a proxy software  with the wider variety of capabilities than other proxy programs have.

Let’s consider capabilities of Proxy Helper: -it simplifies joint functioning of programs and proxies because it does not require changing settings upon each new connection;  - it allows the programs, incapable to do so initially, working through proxies (transparent proxying); -it supports all types of proxy servers; - it can change the IP address by one click; - it ensures increased work reliability.

In addition, when working with proxy server, you can take a full advantage of the following capabilities: - an opportunity to work with , - an opportunity to work on the service site as well as the program menu; - an automatic shift to the next proxy if disconnection occurs; - activity indication; - counting of different traffic categories through various additional functions.