I got an account from your support team. What to do next?
Please log in on https://admin.5socks.net/.
then press BILLING –> Pay by Perfect Money to pay for your subscription.

Do not mix it up with the Buy Proxy Helper option. By the way, we strongly recommend you to buy that app as well.

See information about ProxyHelper here.
Read the dashboard user guide on this page.
What online IP checkers can you recommend?
You can find out more information about your IP address, DNS, scripts, HTTP headers and OS on http://ipleak.com/
I have sent an email to the support team but they did not answer. What should I do?
All requests are processed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. So, you are sure to receive your account or a response for your question. As we actively communicate with users, some free mail services often classify our emails as SPAM and put them to the SPAM folder.
To prevent this:

- check your spam folder regularly;
- label our emails as ‘Mark as good’ or ‘Not a spam’;
- add our email address to your contact list;
- try to contact us using online chat or Telegram.
Where can I look prices for your proxy service?
Please check our prices here
Do you sell proxies by the piece?
No, we don’t. However, We can recommend you a reasonable plan: $10 a month for 20 proxies.
How to sign up on your proxy service?
Please contact our support team.
What payment system do you work with?
Perfect Money, Bitcoin, USDT, LTC, Ethereum, and other
What proxy (SOCKS 4/5) application (software) can you recommend?
We recommend our software Proxy Helper for SOCKS 4/5. Why this software?
- No installation required
- Friendly interface
- Operates directly with our Socks base.

Please read detailed description of the software here
I have paid for the service, but my account is still SUSPENDED. Why so?
This usually happens if you pay via Perfect Money. Please contact our support team or just wait a little. Our scripts replenish all pending accounts within 30 minutes.
How quickly is the account activated?
Activation of an account takes place automatically just after a user’s payment.
In what way do you provide me with proxy names (SOCKS 4/5)? As lists?
We do not provide our users with proxy lists. We give you access to a user panel comprising a great proxy database sorted by countries, states and cities. Please see guidelines for the user panel here
Where can I sign in for the proxy service?
I cannot log in. There’s a LOADING… message, but it is not loading in fact.
Ensure Javascript and Cookies options are enabled in your browser.
The login page https://admin.5socks.net fails to open.
Maybe, your IP address is in the blacklist of our anti-DDoS system. Please contact our support team.
I have opened my user panel. What to do next? Where to get proxies?
Please read user panel guidelines here
How to change my personal user panel password?
Open your user panel, then enter the Account Settings tab and press Password: [click here to change]
Where to look for the number of unused proxies?
User panel – Account Settings – Unused proxies
Do you charge money for the SOCKS that I have bought, for the second time?
The proxies you have bought are not charged twice. They are marked in red, and you can use them free of charge. The proxies you have bought are shown in 24hlist, but they disappear after their deactivation.
What is a VIP status in Account Settings of my user panel?
At present, our expert team is working at VIP rates. We are still in progress. We are sure to inform all our customers as soon as we’re finished.
What Proxy Helper is?
This is our software for direct operations with the proxy service.

- No installation required
- You can download Proxy Helper in the user panel after registration.
- Software price is $10 per month on the base tariffs (at higher rates - free of charge)
Do you offer free demo accounts? How can I get it?
Sure, we offer free demo accounts. For more information, contact our support team.
Do you provide search by countries, states, cities and IP?
Yes, we do. You can search by the following criteria:
by city:
by country:
by state:
by host:
by IP:
What’s the difference between Per use and Daily rates?
Please find detailed information about our rates here
When I check SOCKS for IP2LOCATION, the country/city fail to match?
The matter is that we use a commercial GEO database maxmind.com and we trust its data only. Country and city parameters may vary slightly in different geo databases.
Why do you have so many ‘black list’ proxies?
At present, we have just 5-7% of our proxy servers in the black list. Please read carefully our service reports. Please note, Static IP addresses are often marked as LISTED, but they are not ‘black’ in fact.
How often do you update your proxies?
We update our proxy list with new proxies daily.
Some images do not show if I enter websites via your socks server. What is the reason?
Our new software has a limit of 40 connections. This limit does not affect normal operation in all browsers, except for FireFox. If you use FireFox, you have to do the following steps:

Type about:config in the address bar of your browser.

Then find the following lines and change their values as specified below:
- network.http.max-persistent-connections-per-proxy - change to 16
- network.http.max-connections - change to 36

After that, everything must be OK.
Where and how can I top up a Perfect Money purse?
You can check how to fund your Perfect Money purse here https://perfectmoney.is/help_deposit.html

The list of the certified exchange partners: https://www.perfectmoney.is/business-partners.html.

To exchange Webmoney to Perfect money, you can use

You can also pay by bank wires, e-Vouchers, etc.