Configuring Socks5 Proxy to Hide Your IP Address

One of the most popular methods of establishing anonymous access to web resources is hiding the real IP address of your device. Usually, the IP address is spoofed by the IP address of a proxy server, used as a medium node of the connection channel. At first glance, it’s rather difficult to configure such network channel. However, every average user can do it, even if he doesn’t know anything about the principles of network building. You must understand, that hiding the IP address won’t allow you to completely “disappear” from the sight of the authorities, but it will help you to protect against targeted attacks, to skirt administration blockages on forums and to bypass regional access restrictions of your internet provider.

The most simple and easy-to-understand way to hide the IP address is using http or socks proxy servers. Socks proxy is more complex to configure, but it is more secured and allows for using proxy not only for browsers, but also for all software in the operation system, even if it hadn’t such option. Additionally, socks servers don’t modify HTTP-packets, so end network node “thinks” that user connects to it directly from his device without using proxy. Thus, thanks to socks proxy, you can visit even sites, which are protected from using proxy servers.

All you need to use socks proxy is a PC working under Microsoft Windows or Linux operation system, or a mobile device with Android or iOS. You need to perform 2 simple steps to organize an anonymous network channel using SOCKS proxy. First, you need to find a working socks proxy. The most convenient and reliable way is to buy the list of working proxies from socks proxy provider, for example Open, register there and buy a package you need. It should be noted that there are a lot of free socks services, but this servers usually “live” only for some minutes or hours, so you have to waste a lot of time for searching another working servers. These problems can be solved by using, which provides the list of working servers, which is constantly updating. In addition, you can buy special software, named Proxy Helper, which automatically searches available socks proxy and forwards your traffic through it. This software is described in FAQ on our website In addition, you can find in FAQ how to configure socks in iOS and Android (

Now, let’s describe how to configure Windows PC for working through socks proxy, as this operation system is the most widely spread operation system in the world and has some security problems. As we mentioned before, the first step is to get access to socks proxy. Open, register there and log in to get access to admin panel Next, choose available proxy server using List Proxys or Proxy Search buttons (read FAQ for more information). You’ll see a window with the parameters of proxy server (IP address and port), used for further configuration of your devices.

Next, you need to configure applications for using socks proxy and spoofing your real IP address. Most  modern browsers can be configured for socks proxy connection, using the parameters, obtained in the previous step. Open FAQ page to get information how to configure browsers for socks proxy.

If you intend to use proxy not only for browsers, or your browser doesn’t support proxy, you can use special software to forward traffic through socks proxy, for example ProxyCap, Proxifier and so on.

Usually, a process of software configuration is typical – you need to enter IP address and port number of socks proxy server and add links to executable files of applications, which traffic you want to forward through socks proxy. After that, you can launch applications using these links without performing any additional configuration. You can forward traffic not only for browsers, but also for mail clients, games, office and professional software, messengers and so on. More information about this software can be found in FAQ on our website.

However, it should be noted, that socks proxy servers are available only for a limited time period, so you must periodically reconfigure your software (usually once in 24 hours). You can automate this actions using Proxy Helper, which automatically finds available proxy server and forwards traffic through it. You can find more information about Proxy Helper in FAQ on our website

As a result, your applications will work through socks proxy, and the end node will determine socks proxy’s IP address as IP address of your device. Thus, you’ll hide your real IP and get full access to web resources, blocked by your internet provider or administrator.