Proxy Server Explained: Core Functions

In a word, a proxy server is an intermediary between your device (PC, tablet PC, notebook, smartphone, etc.) connected to the Internet, and the Global Network. Whatever you do on the Internet, all operations first pass through a proxy. So, a proxy server processes information and then returns a result.

How can you benefit from a proxy server?

  • get a high-speed Internet access;
  • prevent data theft and protect your passwords from hackers;
  • activate an anonymous surfing when visiting websites;
  • get into chat rooms and talk on any topic without restrictions bypassing bans;
  • access the websites you are not authorized to view or the ones blocked by your system administrator;
  • visit forbidden websites at school, office, etc.

Many users wonder what proxy servers are used for. All of us know that a line is the shortest way between point A and point B. But we do not need a shorter path, but a quicker and safer one. We need a reliable, and at the same time quick Internet connection. All the more so, a shorter path does not result in a quicker connection speed.

For example, a guy wants to travel to his friend living in a far-away city B, from his native city A. To reach the city B, he can drive a car or get there by railway. But travelling these transports would take much time. And if the guy gets to city C by highway and then changes to an airplane, he would arrive at city B much quicker. In such a case, it is not important whether city C is located far or close to city A, where the journey starts from. Do you understand the point? So, a proxy server can be compared with an airplane.

Today, free proxy servers requiring no extra adjustments gain widepsread adoption. They provide trouble-free Internet surfing without hangings and other issues. Besides, using a free proxy server saves the expense of buying hardware, and obviates the need of adjusting special software. All settings are used by default and ready to operate.

You just need to modify a few settings in your browser and use a proxy server absolutely free! Moreover, there is no difference between free and paid servers - just a few functionalities that can affect your Internet surfing both positively and negatively.