A Proxy Server Made Easy

Many Internet users have heard the word proxy or proxy server, but very few of them understand how it works and what it is needed for. Some people think proxies are somehow related to programmers or other IT experts. Others associate a server with hackers who use it to crack software and break into computers connected to the Internet. All of these is a misconception. In fact, a server operates the other way round.

For an average user, a proxy server is of little importance and is rarely used while surfing. But some groups of people cannot imagine their Internet activities without a proxy server.

If you would want to use a proxy, look into your browser’s settings. This standard method will assist in hiding your true IP address, if necessary. Proxies can also be applied as dedicated software with a bulk of useful features.

For example, you want to visit a website that restricts access for your country. Or you wish to file an application for the contest among U.S. citizens only. In situations like those, you can use software that would conceal the IP address of your device. Moreover, they can make your address detectable as if you were located in the country you need.

You can enjoy benefits of using a proxy on your computer or notebook. Mobile devices are also configurable for proxy servers, but setting procedures are complicated as for an average user.

So, as you can see, a proxy server is an easy-to-understand concept. Just get familiarized with it in a cursory manner, and you will have some knowledge of its functionalities and dispel the myths surrounding this useful technology.