What Is a Free Proxy?

A free proxy is a proxy you can use free of charge. It has a range advantages and disadvantages. The basic advantage is it’s free and easy-to-use as you don’t need to install any applications or change software settings for your work. However, the issue of disadvantages is not so simple.
The most of free proxies do not allow manipulating IP-addresses since they are intended to accelerate the Internet access. In most cases, quality characteristics of free proxy servers are one level below the parameters of paid proxy servers.

The issues of stability and “lifetime” of proxies from free lists require a separate discussion outlining features of those proxies in disadvantageous terms. In addition, when visiting free proxy servers, the chances of your computer infection by some malware are pretty high.

In general, if you work with a proxy permanently, we would advise you to use paid services, such as 5socks.net. For payment you can benefit from a range of the following advantages: high speed, reliability, quick updates, convenient and easy-to-use interface, etc.