How to Pay Your Socks Tariff With Crypto (BTC, LTC, USDT, ETH)

After registration, your account will be in the suspended status until you pay the tariff.

How To activate your tariff:

  1. Open Billing page.

  1. Choose for how many days you want to order and click the button: “Pay by Webmoney”.
    (New page with payment gateway will be opened. If not, try another browser or disable popup blockers)

Please note, on low tariffs you can see the option to pay for Proxy helper additional software (10$/m)

Proxy helper is free on tariffs: Per use 4, Per use 350, Daily 10, Daily 20, Daily 30

On Webmoney’s page select the option: Bitcoin or other crypto

Please do not forget to specify the backup BTC address to return the payment in case of errors or any issues.

  1. After you make the payment and return to admin page, you will see the message. Click on the link:

  1. Your payment is added to your account and you can activate it anytime by clicking “not completed”.

  1. Now your account is active and you can get socks.

What to do if the payment is not credited

When initiating a payment, you will receive an email with information and a link to the payment page, where you can always see the status of your payment.

If you sent insufficient funds or your payment was canceled for some reason, a message from Webmoney with instructions for a refund will be sent to your mail.